Garden Medley
Garden Medley
Garden Medley
Garden Medley
Garden Medley
Garden Medley
Garden Medley

Garden Medley

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12 Ounces of Oven Roasted, 100% Vegetarian Treats
  • A medley of 3 different treats to provide your pet with a variety of nutrients and flavors.
  • Sweet potato is low in fat and high in fiber, full of potassium, Vitamin A, and iron.
  • Pumpkin helps keep your dog’s skin and eyes healthy by providing your pet with the essential vitamin beta-carotene.
  • Apple is a fantastic source of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system.


Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Apple

Guaranteed Analysis:

Sweet Potato           Apple                      Pumpkin
Protein-8% min        Protein-2% min      Protein-8% min 
Fat-1.3% min           Fat-0.4% min          Fat-1.5% min 
Fiber-5% max           Fiber-13% max       Fiber-13% max 
Moisture-10% max   Moisture-8 % max  Moisture-10% max

Sweet Potato 302 kcal/100g, 9.1 kcal per treat
Pumpkin 336 kcal/100g, 9.1 kcal per treat
Apple 360 kcal/100g, 9.1 kcal per treat

Feeding Guidelines: 
This product is intended for supplemental feeding 
only and should be supervised when consuming.
Remove if pet attempts to swallow whole. Wash
hand with soap and warm water after handling
any treat. Quantity and frequency of treats/
rewards depend on age, activity and condition of
your pet.