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Wholesome, Lovesome and Absolutely Zero Weird. And why not? We love our pets and our pets love us back

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Customer Reviews

SPEAK products are all made by people who are super conscientious about the welfare of your pets. I love these treats for my four legged friend! Not only does he love them, it also makes me feel like he’s getting the best, fun treats that are good for him!


Wholesome, lovesome, and absolutely zero weird! Speak Pet Products are my dogs newfound LOVE! All four dogs will Sit, SPEAK, and repeat for any of their super products. As a pet parent I love that there are zero weird ingredients so I'm sure my pets are getting only the BEST to help keep them healthy and active. Thank you for creating such wonderful treats for my furbabies!


My dog loves them and he will be getting one every evening for the rest of his life.


Affordable and effective for dealing with my dog's skin problems.


Upon first use you can see a difference.


Works like a dream! My dogs coat benefits from this product but I mainly purchased it for her dry skin. Her skin improved after the first use, dry skin is gone and the spray smells fantastic! Definitely will purchase again. 


The product shipped quickly and arrived in good shape. We like that it does not contain alcohol so it seems not to sting when applied. The scent is light and appealing. Would purchase again.


My highly allergic pup loves these and I'm happy to give them to her. They look and smell just like sweet potatoes, apples and squash. Very crunchy for her!