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Our Story

Michelle, Mat LuLu and Ollie

    Speak Pet Products was created by Mat & Michelle (and thoroughly tested and approved by their fur kids). These two “pet nerds” realized that even the most popular natural treats on the market were still filled with unnecessary ingredients. They wanted to create something that their spoiled and sensitive pups would love without anything “weird” in it.

    Mat was raised in the pet industry. Over 30 years ago his mom was working as a dog groomer in California, and when Mat was one month old, she decided to open a pet supply store. Mat grew up in the store, surrounded by a huge variety of pets and witnessed how much the pet industry has evolved over the years.

    Michelle was raised in a house full of animals, from tortoises to rats to dogs, which eventually led her to apply to work at that very store and to meet Mat. They hit it off and continued working together and then eventually running Mat’s family’s pet supply store together.

    After working together for 7 years, Mat & Michelle decided to move cross country. With their car packed full of pets and plants they set off to start a new life in Kentucky. While molding their new lives, they decided to open up a pet store of their own. From that, Speak Pet Products was born.

    Speak started as 9 limited ingredient dog treats and chews that used only the best quality ingredients. These natural treats are made in small batches in a family-run factory just outside of Toronto, and only include the best ingredients sourced from the USA and Canada. 

    Shortly after they launched, Speak expanded to include a Spa line with natural shampoos, leave-in conditioners, and waterless baths. Just like Speak’s treats, Mat and Michelle formulated these products to also be limited in ingredients and as natural as they could be. It was important to them that every ingredient had a beneficial purpose. The Speak grooming products are all made in a family-run factory in Kentucky with ingredients all sourced from the USA.

    Speak Pet Products now not only provides nutritional and clean pet treats and gentle grooming products to local Kentuckians, but also throughout the United States. You can find Speak Pet Products at small local pet stores and also online at Amazon.com!